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GLOSS is the title of Theo Burt's new music for Presto!?
this music is not so new for Theo
hearing a while ago in a planetarium me and Lorenzo were eager to hear more GLOSS Theo (at first reluctantly) revisited these recordings
eventually even setting up to record some additions
it seems much from these raw recordings hasn't changed
some rudimentary equalising and a few problematic tweaks to cut to vinyl
some decisions to start and stop the content
an aphasiac producer
a purge from Theo's previous references to CLUBLAND
not a fish in that barrel
though it would sound good in a club
like buzzing your tits off listening to trance compilations
wondering what frequency to place this on
not really much of a problem
until we consider its intentions
what to do to stop dying of boredom
what value dreams can be attributed?
a loss of affectivity from language
inside and/or outside a technocratic power paradigm
this music disconnects the stereo field from the connection of data and synthesis sending midi data through a 1988 CASIO rackmount synthesiser
a whole 12" of stumbling plasticity
the tempo is all over
like playing videos games very tired and worn out mentally absolutely hysterical at the thought of absolute government
as a result, the amount of innovation here is awful and not important a weak commodity
elevator music
not much seepage
everything you think you are you're not
and this is food for our disappointed imaginations
a visceral blast of audio austerity
grinning armyface
objects presented here are 1:1
not one for the headphones
Richard Sides, 2015

cat #: P!?025

format: LP + Digital


a1) “A1” - 2.16
a2) “A2” - 4.05
a3) “A3” - 4.01
a4) “A4” - 9.31
b1) “B1” - 3.09
b2) “B2” - 5.16
b3) “B3” - 5.31
b4) “B4” - 4.23

Produced by Theo Burt, 2010 - 2014. Mastered for Vinyl at D & M, Berlin