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MATTIN "Object of Thought" LP

Image of MATTIN "Object of Thought" LP

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"Object of Thought" is a stunning must have release by one of the most deep thinking artist in the field of noise and improvised music; Mattin's voice is crushed and modulated by feedbacks and distortions and reassembled into a stream of multilayered thoughts and abrasive/ harsh sounds. This is the Mattin's newest work since "Noise & Capitalism", the critically acclaimed book that explores the relationship of experimental music with the economic system that we are living in.

"... Is it possible to take self-reflexivity to the point of positive feedback while making a commodity out of my intellect? Can this process help me to understand how I am objectified by capitalism? This is a very difficult question, as I am using English which firstly, is not my mother tongue, and secondly is the language more aligned
with capitalism. To what extent does the use of English language shape my thoughts and actions? If our general intellect is appropriated by capitalism, can we get it back through a process of improvisation with our thoughts? Can my unconscious be my instrument for improvisation? Can we produce our subjectivity through the language that we are improvising with? ... "

"... During the first week of February 2010, from Monday to Friday, I appropriated the usual working times (9 to 5pm) in order to set up a framework and impose some discipline. I went to Alpha Electro-acoustic Studio, Visby, I recorded my thoughts and then began to cut, edit, distort ... as a way of making a montage of my own subjectivity, as a way to dismantle myself. If noise can be everything it can also be my lack of articulation. By using my thought processes as material for improvisation, I tried to explore the limitation of the given situation, understanding that at the same time i am objectitfying my thoughts in the vinyl that you are holding in your hands." (taken from the "Object of Thought" LP front cover)

total time: 30' 03"

limited edition: 300

artwork concept: Mattin

design: Lorenzo Senni

release date: 20/12/10

catalogue num: P!?016

mastered by R. Becker.

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