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Image of JOHN WIESE "Zombie" LP


A very unusual album by John Wiese, almost the furthest perimeter of what we’ve come to expect. For years Wiese has developed a highly personal approach to sound, steering clear of nearly every convention of musical language — repetition, melody, instrumentation, in exchange for a totally amorphous yet hyper tight compositional style. For this album, what started as a personal experiment out of love for the band Drunks With Guns, Wiese works against his own grain with three new LP-specific compositions of rigid loop music, referencing Drunks With Guns, Sissy Spacek and debuting his first composition for piano, performed by Mac Mann (Get Hustle, Antioch Arrow). Includes linear notes by John Wiese. Edition of 300 with sheet music.

total time: '52 "54

limited edition: 300

design: John Wiese

release date: 08/06/09

catalogue num: P!?005

mastered by R. Becker

Sold Out